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Created in March 2009

by M + M Auer, the Auer Photo Foundation for Photography aims to preserve the existing collection, promote it, acquire new objects and photographic works, to organize exhibitions and to diffuse and update daily the International Encyclopedia of Photographers. The Foundtion also publishes works that contribute to a better understanding of photography, diffuses the works of young artists as well as forgotten or overlooked artists, organizes seminars and workshops, and hosts researchers, artists, students and interns.

Michel and Michèle Auer

Working for 40 years on an exceptional collection, rare in its richness and diversity, with more than 500 cameras, 21,000 books, unpublished works, 50,000 original prints, works of art, literature, postcards, posters.... This impressive career retraces the history of photography from 1839 until today, the result of extensive research, explicit images of processes (beautiful or interesting showing multiple aspect of the invention). Meanwhile, they undertake an encyclopaedic work about the men who made photography and elevated it to a new level. They regularly publish art books to accompany expositions.

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